Monday, 27 May 2013

many thursdays gone

I would like to say that spring is finally here.  There are some signs, as you can see, but its really all a deception.  Spring has decided to hold back this year and three degree days are still common.  We have had to take back out our winter coats and hats. Perhaps summer will make an early and sudden appearance.  So we hope!

I have a lot of catching up to do.  I've just been so completely over my head; I haven't abandoned the blog but I have just not managed to find the time to do my Thursday posts.  I was hoping the two-week spring break we had in Bordeaux would allow me some time, but the internet was erratic and just refused to cooperate.

My good friend Ivy and her daughter Caitlin arrived in the second week (with a suitcase full of pantry goodies), having delayed their trip a couple of days to stay back and vote in the Malaysian GE13.   Playing tour guide (I should know Versailles like the back of my hand soon) was a full time job so I neglected to update the blog.  But we took lots of photos so I'm hoping this week to find some time to post them. 

We visited an ancient windmill in the area, reconstructed from the days when villagers would bring their grains to be ground into flour by the miller.  It had us all singing this popular children's nursery song:

Meunier, tu dors
Ton moulin va trop vite
Meunier, tu dors
Ton moulin va trop fort.
Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop vite
Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop fort
Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop vite
Ton moulin, ton moulin va trop fort
(translation in brief: miller, you sleep and your mill spins too quickly) 

We had a couple of sunny days in Sturget for which we were grateful.

Young-at-heart old friends hanging out together.

As always, a visit to Sturget is not complete without a meal with the Faux family.

This is how the barbecue looks like in vineyard country in France.

 Love and peace to all.

I'll try to be back soon, but first, the laundry calls.  Ah, the life of a domestic goddess.