Thursday, 11 April 2013

jeudi de paris

About a year ago today, we cringed a little as as we saw all our belongings packed up, and travel the more than 10,000 kilometres to France.  Our time in Malaysia, captured in photos and videos, but mostly in our minds and in our hearts came with us, and will continue to stay with us.  

JB insists that e-books are the way to go, but I couldn't leave my old paper types behind.  They are still in their cartons, as I haven't found the bookshelves I want, but I know they are there (along with my soya sauce, they were my most precious cargo).

You know from these titles that they aren't my books... its clearly in the HIS section of our library.

We spent a quiet Easter this year.  After all that moving and unpacking I couldn't muster up enough energy to have the girls' friends around and paint eggs or do egg hunts.  We did do some baking though.  Anais loves home-made bread and this Jamie Oliver version which is filled with parma ham, eggs, cheese, basil or anything you want really, is scrumptious.  This is the second time we've made it and we've re-named it the 'Love Bread' because we fashion it into a heart shape and its made with love for people we love... cheesy!!

We had lunch with my father in law to celebrate his birthday and went for a walk at the Parc de Sceaux, five minutes from his home.  Click here for a virtual visit.  It was a beautiful sunny day, but still very cold.  Quite unlike last Easter, when Tea painted her Easter eggs by the poolside, shirtless...

Prior to coming to France, the girls did train for cold weather.  Here they have cranked the air conditioning up high (not great for the environment, I apologise on their behalf) and have creatively fashioned some earmuffs from their headbands and socks.

And here I was in my kitchen at this time last year, preparing for our farewell party.  All that space!

Here now, a year later in Paris, we have been just as lucky, finding a very charming apartment which dates back to the 16th century.  There are still things to be done, light fittings to be installed etc but I promise to post some photos soon.  In the meantime, I wish spring would hurry up and really arrive.