Saturday, 28 July 2012

zebras and the lady

Zebras in NYC?  Well, always expect the unexpected in this fabulous city, even at a toy store... The girls exploring FAO Schwarz:

Tea:  Can I buy one of these zebras mama?
Me: No, it won't fit into our suitcase.
Anais:  I can carry it.
Me:  No.
Tea: Can we have a horse instead when we get back to France?

Typical NY images here:

The weather was temperamental the week we were there.  Heatwave one day, heavy rain the next... 

We were so lucky to have Kay and Nicolas host us at their lovely midtown home.  Thank you, and we look forward to remaking the soba noodles, although you may have to send us some homemade wontons by courier!

A visit to NY cannot be complete without watching a Broadway show.  On a stormy afternoon, the girls and I watched Mary Poppins while JB stayed home with a tummy bug.  Feeling sorry that he missed out, I gave up my shopping budget and we got tickets to watch the Cirque de Soleil another day.

This was on Tea's wish-to-see list.  As soon as we left Malaysia, she asked if we were going to see it soon. Finally, the lady makes an appearance.

We took the train from the Grand Central Station to Larchmont, about 35 minutes out of Manhattan to visit our friends, the Patricots.  Gorgeous architecture, but we were there super early for another reason...

Does JB look a tad guilty to you?  No prize for guessing what he is clutching in his hands (hint: look at display tables to his left).

The kids set up a lemonade stand, perhaps its a buy-an-ipad fund?

If you haven't already guessed it, here is the obvious:

JB and FX met in their diaper years.  He lives in the green picturesque town of Larchmont with his beautiful family.  Jill I've met before, but always at very busy social situations (weddings particularly) so I was very pleased to have spent the day getting to know her.  The children we've only seen photos of so it was a great pleasure to meet them and to seem them get along with our girls like they've known each other forever.  As we left, they yelled "We'll skype you tomorrow!".

After NYC, some beach therapy!  Rio de Janeiro is next...